• The Heavens Declare the Glory of the Risen Lord
  • At the Entrance to the Mediterranean, Let the King of Glory Come In
  • The Day Thou Gavest Lord is Ending
Welcome to Gibraltar Methodist Church - Discovering and sharing new life in Jesus Christ...together


Due to COVID-19 prevention measures, and in keeping with Public Health Guidelines and Government requirements our meetings have changed.

We are now meeting in the church building on Sunday at 11:00am, with a very much reduced capacity which unfortunately means we may not be able to fit in everyone who comes, and we advice that you arrive early.

If you do come you will be required to wear a mask, at all times, and keep social distance, as is now normal everywhere else. You will be able to take part in a service which will include a significant pre-recorded content, with a live convener and worship group.
As usual if you are vulnerable in any way, because of your age, or any pre-existing health issues, or you are not feeling well, then we would ask you to consider whether it is appropriate for you to attend.

If you cannot attend you can still join us for our online service which will be available from 11:00 am, and will include the same pre-recorded segments as the service in the building, as well as pre-recorded prayers and music.

Online Giving